January 2, 2020



Fashion goes forward and this time we will consider Nigerian men’s traditional fashion styles.

Native clothes is a great field of experiments for modern designers. Here we have for you the best examples. Latest Nigerian fashion styles Ankara style,

Nigerian native wear designs for men Ankara style is becoming more and more popular in Nigerian fashion. Many latest native styles for men are based at Angara style. Even one Ankara style element can turn your look into a fashion masterpiece. Look at this variation, the essential component is a palette of black and white color.

Nigerian men's traditional fashion styles 2018

Try to combine this style with hats and sunglasses to create a unique look. It is also popular to use the same Ankara style print with your girlfriend. Senator styles for men This is one major revolution in latest Nigerian fashion styles for men. These clothes are affordable, stylish, it can be easily decorated or altered to match the tastes of even the most demanding fashion-monger. It is a good idea to add colorful accents to your Senator style wear. It can be for example a subtle pocket.

Nigerian men's traditional fashion styles 2018

Trendy and stylish George material dresses Another idea is a brown color with lacquered loafers, this one is good for a party, work or a casual outing with friends. Look at this crisp white Senator suit that will turn you into a best-dressed man at any event.

Nigerian men's traditional fashion styles 2018

Atiku styles for men This is the newest trend of native styles for men in Nigeria. It is much younger then Ankara designs but loved by many men. The style is mostly solid-colored with a barely noticeable pattern. Try all-white Atiku with contrasting pocket. Or the deep turquoise color of long Atiku shirt. Singer Jidenna in blue Atiku shirt.

Nigerian men's traditional fashion styles 2018

At this time Atiku has become a great style for wedding. It is a perfect mix of comfort, high fashion and native motives. Kaftan styles for men Another great example of Nigerian men’s fashion styles. Kaftan takes first place among the native clothes. Striking green and yellow embroidery, crisp white kaftan looks very luxury and stylish.

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