January 3, 2020



Nigeria cloths styles for male

In this post, I’ve put together some of the latest and arguably the best styles out there. Also, you’ll find some rules which you should have at the back of your mind anytime you want to wear your native wear to an event.

native wear for men

To start with, the following are a collection of some of the rules that you should obey. You can skip applying the rules or you can obey them and be safe!

Rules Every Man Must Obey To Look Good in A Native Wear

They include the following…

No sneakers, please.

A quick look at some Instagram accounts will show you some images of men rocking white sneakers on their suits. Well, our native wears won’t look great with sneakers. Some people may be able to get away with the look.

Wear sandals or dress shoes.

They both work for casual or formal events. However, if the event is like “formal formal”, you know… office formal, please go ahead and wear a shoe.

No bling-bling

If you must wear them, let them be few. Keep the unnecessary bling-bling away from your neck when you’re wearing native wear. It’s more profitable to keep things simple with one neck chain, a wristwatch, and a wrist chain.

No tight fitted Native Wears

Lastly, don’t wear tight-fitting native wears. It will make you look like you borrowed it or that you don’t have money to see a new one. Instead, go for slim-fit wears that will complement your physique.

Next, let’s find out the different types of native wears that men can wear.

Different Types Of Native Wears For Men

At the mere mention of the word “native wear”, one thing that comes to mind is a traditional attire.

In a country like Nigeria, when a person dons on a native attire, it gives away the part of the country where they are from.

For instance, if an Igbo man wears an “isi agu” cloth and adds a red cap on top of his head, he needs no introduction as an Igbo man.

native styles for men image 1

In the same vein, a person wears a baban riga or Agbada, there’s an increased likelihood that he’s from the northern part of the country.

Latest Native Design For Guys (12) white agbada image

The same goes for Yoruba people who are known for their aso oke.

You’ve probably heard a lot of names like senator wear, agbada, baban riga, dashiki, kente, etc… These are all the different types of native wears we have.

In the section below, I’ve shared with you some of the best styles of each of the aforementioned native wears for men.
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